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Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies
University of Warsaw
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 30
00-927 Warsaw
Tel. +48 22 5520631


Until 1952, the geographic divisions of the University had no permanent address and were located either within the University’s central campus or leased premises in central Warsaw, also in private apartments. At present, the main seat of the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies is the Uruski-Czetwertyński Palace erected in the Neo-Renaissance style at the Royal Route in the mid-nineteenth century, currently under renovation. The Faculty’s field station at Murzynowo offers accommodation facilities, lecture rooms and a geochemical laboratory. The Faculty also has a large number of lecture and seminar rooms, most of which are furnished with audiovisual aids. Well-equipped computer rooms and remote sensing and geochemical laboratories offer modern teaching opportunities and allow to prepare students for labour market entry. There are also opportunities for both team and individual work. The Faculty’s units have specialised equipment which can be used for teaching in-house or in the field.


Student issues

Category Persons Phone Email
Head of dean's office Marta Szymaniak, M.A. 225520660
Full-time first-cycle - geography Ewa Kiczyńska-Stępień, M.A. 225520660
Full-time first-cycle - spatial management Dominika Macioch 225520660
Full-time second-cycle - geography Agata Paszyńska, M.A. 225520660
Full-time second-cycle - spatial management Dominika Macioch 225520660
Part-time Barbara Padzińska, M.A.

Certificate Programmes - Studium dla Nauczycieli Geografii Agata Korzeniecka, M.A. 225521517
Certificate Programmes - Rozwój w dobie globalizacji Grażyna Ferenc, M.A. 225523237
Certificate Programmes - Studium Wiedzy o Krajach Rozwijających się Grażyna Ferenc, M.A. 225523237
PhD Studies Renata Grysińska, Eng. 225520631
Recruiment commision Jan Skrzypczuk, M.A. 225520645

USOS plenipotentiary

Jan Skrzypczuk, M.A. 225520645

Internships plenipotentiary

Magdalena Fuhrmann, Ph.D. 225521513

Coordinator for Mobility

Dariusz Woronko, Ph.D. 225520635
MSOS plenipotentiary Maciej Lenartowicz, Ph.D. 225520635

Administrative issues

Category Persons Phone Email
Administrative Director Marta Piasecka, M.A. 225520742

Secretary's office 


Anna Marchwińska

Joanna Szczęsna, M.A.



fax 225521521
Porter's lodge Agnieszka Gaca
Michał Gaca
225521516  ------------

Computer issues

Category Persons Phone Email
Web news content Kinga Rucińska, M.A. 225521512
Proffesional email   225522005
Helpdesk Marta Jankowska, M.Eng. 225520651