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The Faculty has nearly 1000 students in two programmes of study: Geography and Spatial Management, and offers both doctoral and postgraduate programmes. Since the beginning of geography courses being offered at the University of Warsaw, over 5500 diplomas have been awarded to graduates of master’s programmes in Geography and over 350 diplomas to graduates of master’s programmes in Spatial Management. The Faculty’s library is among the University’s largest and boasts the most extensive collection of maps in Poland. Student organisations at the Faculty are robust and dynamic. To meet the expectations of students and address the requirements of the labour market, the Faculty’s offer of courses is expanded regularly. Graduates are prepared to work in state and local government administration, regional and local development agencies, consulting companies, spatial management institutions and institutions and enterprises which collect and process environmental data. Owing to the broad educational profile, graduates can also pursue a wide variety of postgraduate and doctoral programmes.


Geography studies are for people with passion. Team projects, drawing maps and taking trips together result in long-lasting friendships and much stronger integration than at the other faculties.
The Faculty offers a modern curriculum, much broader than those at other universities. The Geography field of the study received a positive assessment from the State Accreditation Committee and the University Accreditation Committee.
We place a strong emphasis on practice. Practical courses always make up more than half of the curriculum. In every year of study, students take part in workshops and practical field classes in various regions of Poland.
Having completed their bachelor thesis, most students continue their education by following the second-cycle studies.
Admissions, from choosing the field of study through admission payments and sending the results of the matura exam takes place online via the IRK system. Only after the candidate has been accepted, it is necessary to deliver the required documents within a specified period.

Spatial management

Spatial management is a promising area of study that broadens knowledge on spatial processes and develops practical skills in spatial management.These are interdisciplinary studies, conducted by specialists from various disciplines, with rich experience and traditions: geographers, economists, politologists, historians, ethnographers, sociologists, urbanists and architects.The studies include creating urban simulations, numerous field classes and an internship at a local council. This means students get to learn from the inside about the work of public administration, non-government organisations or means of creating spatial designs.

PhD Programme

The Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies allows students to continue their education after obtaining an M.A. Degree, by following the Graduate Studies Ph. D. Programme. It is possible to prepare a doctoral thesis on physical or socio-economic geography, but also remote sensing of the environment, cartography or geography didactics. During the 4-year studies, a doctoral student may receive a doctoral and scientific scholarship. The study curriculum includes, among others, obligatory subjects on contemporary trends in geographical research and logic. The participants of a doctoral study may also develop their teaching skills by conducting courses with WGiSR students. Doctoral studies are supervised by the Doctoral Study Council, in cooperation with the WGiSR Doctoral Student Council. Doctoral students have their representatives in the Faculty Council, Institute Councils and the Faculty Education Quality Assurance Board.


The Erasmus+ Programme is a European funding programme offering university students a possibility of studying or doing an internship abroad in another country for a period of at least 2 months and maximum 12 months per cycle of studies. One of the basic rights each exchange student has is the full recognition of courses passed successfully abroad by the home university. Higher education students from after completing the 1st year of studies can benefit of the Erasmus+ studies and Erasmus+ placement programmes. There is no age limitation.

Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies has a wide range of courses taught in English and Spanish available for Polish and international students (read more).