3. Cities locked in Europeanisation


Cristiana Rossignolo (Technical University of Torino, cristiana.rossignolo@polito.it)
Rob Atkinson (University of the West of England, Bristol, Rob.Atkinson@uwe.ac.uk)

In the European context cities have become closely entangled in processes of European integration and with EU policies. As participants/actors in the European multi-level governance system they are not only subject to top-down Europeanisation, but also agents of bottom-up and horizontal initiatives. Moreover, in recent decades the EU has developed  numerous tools to support these strategies: e.g. EU funds such as the ERDF (particularly given the new urban dimension of Cohesion Policy), URBAN and URBACT projects, European Capital of Culture, international urban networks like Eurocities or the Union of the Baltic Cities to name just a few.

In this track we will discuss various forms of cities’ involvement in Europeanisation processes. We welcome papers addressing both political perspectives focused on EU policies and regulation as well as papers with a more social orientation dealing with learning, modes of governance and changes in norms and values.

The main question of the track is: Can cities be the powerful actors creating trans-European political, social and economic networks?