Plenary sessions

Speakers at the Opening Plenary Session

1) Barbara Czarniawska

will give a short lecture on "The mediated city: Cities in the media and media in the cities".

Barbara Czarniawska is

  • Senior Professor of Management Studies at Gothenburg Research Institute, School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 
  • Doctor honoris causa at Stockholm School of Economics, Copenhagen Business School, and Helsinki School of Economics. 
  • a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, the Swedish Royal Engineering Academy, the Royal Society of Art and Sciences in Gothenburg, and Societas Scientiarum Finnica. 

In her research, Professor Czarniawska applies a constructivist perspective on organizing, with the focus on action nets (for example, big city management). Her methodological contributions relate to fieldwork techniques and the narrative approach in social science studies.

Latest publications in English: 
  • Social Science Research From Field to Desk (2014),
  • A Theory of Organizing (second edition, 2014)
  • A Research Agenda for Management and Organization Studies (editor, 2016)


2) Richard Feiock

will give a short lecture on 'Metropolitan Governance in the US and Institutional Collective Action'.

Richard Feiock is internationally recognized for his expertise in local government, sustainability, and local democratic institutions and he is a National Academy of Public Administration fellow. He holds the Jerry Collins Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and is the Augustus B. Turnbull Professor of Public Administration and Policy in the Askew School at Florida State University.  

Professor Feiock is the founding director of the FSU Local Governance Research Laboratory and served as Ph.D. Program Director for the Askew School from 1999-2004.  He directs the Sustainable Energy & Governance unit of FSU’s Institute for Energy Systems, Economics and Sustainability.

Since January 2013 he has been Editor of Public Administration Review the leading professional journal in the discipline.


Before the lectures of our Guests, a short presentation of the venue-city, Warsaw, will be given by our Colleague who speciales in urban phenomena and Warsaw history. Mikołaj Madurowicz will talk about "Warsaw Snapshots".

Mikołaj Madurowicz is an urban geographer and lectures at the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw. The main fields of his scientific interest are the dynamic nature of urban phenomena (his recent book concerns the continuity of a city in transdisciplinary perspective) and the methodology of science. In the last decade he edited three collective publications referring some issues of contemporary urban space (perception, evaluation and management) as well as published two his own books (about the urban identity of Warsaw and the one mentioned above). He is a member of the Historical Commission of the Warsaw Friends’ Society and the Urban Studies Lab at the Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw.