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Narodowe Centrum Nauki

Posiedzenie Rady NCN 8-9 listopada 2017 r.

Formularze wniosków dostępne w systemie ZSUN/ OSF

Warsztaty z obsługi projektów już w grudniu

Posiedzenie Rady NCN 11-12 października 2017 r.

Geography News -- ScienceDaily

Plant respiration could become a bigger feedback on climate than expected

A popular tool to trace Earth's oxygen history can give false positives

Transforming greenhouse gases: New 'supercatalyst' to recycle carbon dioxide and methane

Climate change impacts already locked in, but the worst can still be avoided

Shape of Lake Ontario generates white-out blizzards, study shows

Study urges global-change researchers to embrace variability

Pacific Island countries could lose 50 -- 80% of fish in local waters under climate change

How a tiny sea animal feeds itself, and the ocean

Off track: How storms will veer in a warmer world

Amazon's recovery from forest losses limited by climate change