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Geographic education In Poland At the time of transformation, red. nauk. Joanna Angiel, Mirosław Mularczyk, 2011



Joanna SZCZĘSNA, Jolanta RODZOŚ, Terms of reforming the Polish educational system in political transformation period

Iwona PIOTROWSKA, Influence of education transformation on improving key competence in geography teaching

Maria GROENWALD, Questions on a human being posed on the grounds of geographical education in the context of systems transformation

Joanna ANGIEL, The role and work of the expert in geography textbooks for schools – author’s experiences and reflections


Bożena WÓJTOWICZ, The students’ expectations and attitudes towards the role of the enterprise in terms of the European integration

Mariola TRACZ, Interest in geography and its studies among students of post – secondary schools

Mirosław MULARCZYK, From fascination to indifference – changes in students’ attitudes towards geography as a school subject in 1989–2009

Adam HIBSZER, Perceiving geography as a school subject by pupils of lower secondary school (in the cities of Silesian voivodeship)


Małgorzata CICHOŃ, Results of systemic transformation in geography education

Florian PLIT, Changing trends in the teaching of geography – from “geology to (not quite yet) theology”?

Alina AWRAMIUK, Curriculum reform and the educational content in geography within Polish cultural diversity


Paulina SZMIELIŃSKA-PIETRASZEK, Geographic education in creating vocational skills of the youth in secondary schools

Danuta PIRÓG, Graduates of geographical studies on the labour market in the process of transformation in higher education

Dorota RUCIŃSKA, Social education on extreme natural events in view of extreme fl oods and landslides in Poland

Małgorzata BYCA, Bilingual geography education models through the english language in Polish schools

Mieczysław KUNZ, The international GIS day – analysis of celebrations in Poland and its importance to geographic education

Grażyna BARWINEK, Variety of assessment forms in geography teaching

Mirosława POLESZUK-KOZIOŁ, The method of educational project in the opinion of the geography teachers