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Department of Tourism Geography and Recreation

Department of Tourism Geography and Recreation

is a unit of
the Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Management
at the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies.


The head of the department is prof. Andrzej Kowalczyk.

At the moment the department team consists of 6 research employees

and two PhD students.


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of tourism geography studies at the University of Warsaw go back as far as early 1960'. It was at that time that dr MARIA I. MILESKA (1963) published the results of her research on tourist regionalization of Poland. Other people interested in tourism and recreation - among geographers - were dr ALICJA KRZYMOWSKA-KOSTROWICKA and dr MICHAŁ STALSKI. Just like M. I. Mileska did earlier, they focused on tourist planning and tourist ecology. The first period ended in late 1970'.


In 1980 dr Alicja Krzymowska-Kostrowicka published a book entitled Terytorialny system rekreacyjny. Analiza struktury i charakter powiązań (Territorial recreation system and analysis of the structure and character of connectivity). The book was a result of theoretical and practical studies and was accepted as a habilitation thesis. It is thanks to this work that dr hab. A. Krzymowska-Kostrowicka became the first person in Poland to apply the system approach to tourism geography. During the following decade dr hab. Alicja Krzymowska-Kostrowicka continued her research. She conducted the following theoretical studies: The system approach in modelling recreation (1984) and Tourist regions and territorial recreational system (1986), as well as many assessments and practical hints for planners, national park administrators and local authorities. At that time dr hab. Alicja Krzymowska-Kostrowicka (since 1990 at the post of associate professor) concentrated on the influence of bioclimate and vegetation on tourism and recreation. The results of this research were published in 1992, in the article: "Assessment of therapeutical values of natural environment for recreational needs. A case study of Warsaw environs".


At the beginning of 1997 prof. dr hab. Alicja Krzymowska-Kostrowicka published her main work in this area of her interests: Geoekologia turyzmu i rekreacji (Geoecology of tourism and recreation). In the following years the book influenced other geographers and specialists in the field of nature studies interested in tourism and recreation.
However, as early as 1988, the then dr hab. Alicja Krzymowska-Kostrowicka organised a tourism geography specialization at the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies. At that time she started working with dr ANDRZEJ KOWALCZYK, who studied urban and suburban recreation. In 1994 he published a book entitled Geograficzno-społeczne aspekty zjawiska drugich domów (Socio-geographical aspects of second homes), in 2000 - a book entitled Geografia turyzmu (Geography of tourism) and in 2001 - Geografia hotelarstwa (Geography of hotel industry).
[Others who in the 1990' collaborated with prof. dr hab. A. Krzymowska-Kostrowicka on her work on tourism geography were doctors Andrzej Jasiński, Hanna Cetnarska, Leszek Butowski and Barbara Pisarska]


Since the retirement of prof. dr hab. Alicja Krzymowska-Kostrowicka in 2004, the tourism geography specialization has been the responsibility of prof. dr hab. Andrzej Kowalczyk. In the academic year 2006/2007 a Department of Tourism Geography and Recreation was formed within the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies. It is run by prof. dr hab. Andrzej Kowalczyk (methodology of tourism geography, tourism development planning, cultural tourism), and the academic staff (for the academic year 2009/2010) are: dr MARTA DEREK (tourism politics, tourism development planning, tourism and local development), dr KATARZYNA DUDA-GROMADA (lake tourism, tourism development planning), dr MAŁGORZATA DURYDIWKA (rural tourism, active tourism), dr MIKOŁAJ MADUROWICZ (cultural tourism, urban tourism) and dr SYLWIA KULCZYK (nature tourism, adventure tourism). Other associates of the Department of Tourism Geography and Recreation are: mgr KINGA RUCIŃSKA (administrative worker) and PhD students: mgr PAULINA KOSOWSKA and mgr PIOTR KOCISZEWSKI. Between 2001-2009 an associate of the Department was also dr JOANNA PRZYBYŚ (née MAŁEK) - first a doctoral student and since 2007 assistant professor.